Nvidia GeForce NOW BETA Review & Game Test

Todays video is all about Nvidia Geforce Now Beta and Game Test Review

Testing Fornite, Quake Champions and Ghost Recon out on Nvidia GeForce Now Beta Cloud Gaming Service. Wanted to test how games perform and show you the FPS on a couple of games

Games tested were  @Fortnite  which I was getting +150 fps,  @Quake Champions  which I was getting over 80+ most of the time and finally Ghost Recon which I wasnt able to show fps but the game did run very well..

Want to join the wait list for GeForce Now – https://bit.ly/3aSQZm0

Nvidia GeForce Now was played on Windows 10 Bootcamp on a 16″ Macbook Pro. My internet is Virgin Media M350 (350Mbps)